Exploring the statements of Delegate Dan Cox and his running mate Gordana Schifanelli, in their own words

Bad Business: The Law Offices of Cox & Schifanelli

Between Dan Cox and Gordana Schifanelli, they have 4 businesses that have been declared “Not in Good Standing” and “Forfeited” by regulators: 3 law firms and a wealth management firm.

In fact, Schifanelli’s wealth management firm was cited by regulators for “engaging in dishonest and unethical practices.”

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VIDEO: Buncha Lies!

Dan Cox isn’t too pleased with the examination of his actual statements. Earlier this week, he denied asking people to “blow the whistle” on non-essential businesses. The only problem with his denial is that we’ve got it all on tape. Check out our latest video, showing Dan’s denials are “a buncha lies”!

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Dan Cox and his running mate Gordana Schifanelli have made some pretty outrageous statements. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

September 11 “DESTROYED my trust in the U.S. government FOREVER!!!”
Twitter, 12/9/20
“Pence is a traitor.”
Twitter, 1/6/21
“Bush and Chainy [sic] family are globalists and communists.”
Twitter, 1/30/21
“I got tipped off by top law enforcement, the governor was going to make an example of me and arrest me”
Facebook, 9/29/21
“One of the things that was interesting and very sad in the Nuremberg Trials was the fact that medical professionals interfered with parental rights.”
Floor Speech, 4/7/21